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Aviation & Consultancy

Blackbird Aviation Group was set up to enable itself to be able to offer not only aviation consultancy services, but also in the sourcing and supply of Aircraft parts and Aircraft. We pride ourselves on the abilities we have in house for equipment sourcing and supply, asset management, aircraft acquisition, project funding and more. Through many years of building relationships and partnership networks, Blackbird Aviation Group has been able to forge alliances with other companies that can cover other areas of Aviation related services as required if on the peripherals or our own scope.

With over 100 years of experience between the core senior management team in the field of aviation, the company can offer consultancy services that will enable interested parties to be able to have a peace of mind that our knowledge and expertise will enable them to fulfil their requirements.  Whether a client is looking to develop an airport or set up services within an airport or off Airport in a technical park, Blackbird Aviation Group can provide consultancy and recommendations either directly by us, or indirectly through our Partner companies.

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